The Coolest Guy On The Planet

You can be the coolest guy on the planet also!

Before I, write some things about the coolest guy on the planet, what is just fun, I want to introduce you to the most coolest guy on the planet: In my opinion it is Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow. Here is why: He stopped his job, and changed the lives of over 400.000 children.

Please support his foundation: With 10 $ you can feed a child for a year. Yes, it`s right. Just 10 $ and you can support the life of one child, and providing him education.  It`s a simple solution to Wordl Hunger. Things don`t have to be complicated. That`s why he is the CNN Hero of the year 2010.

Watch the CNN video in English
and here• En españo

The most coolest guy on the planet helps.

One aspect of Mary’s Meals that constantly captures the public’s attention is the fact that it only costs £6.15 to provide a child in Malawi with Mary’s Meals for a year.
It is important to bear in mind that this figure relates to Mary’s Meals projects in Malawi.
The average cost of Mary's Meals across all our projects around the world is £9*

With that being said, let`s come to the fun part:


Hey, I am The Coolest Guy On The Planet,

Thank you for visiting my site. I know, that you are proud to be on the site of the coolest guy on the planet. And it is a really cool thing to have you here.

Have a great day.
The Coolest Guy on The Planet.

Ok, let`s see:
Once upon a time there were two guys, who tried to make a small SEO-Competition. Mike Filsaime and Bard Fallon, or Callon, ?  No ot was fallon.  That was a time, long long ago. And since then, more and more people tried to find out, how the heck, it is possible to rank for the term "The Coolest Guy on The Planet" on Google.

Year after year, as more and more time passed buy, there was one little boy. He worked so hard.
And today he is one of the coolest guys on the planet. But he didn`t want to stay there, but he tried sooo hard, and he didn´t rank on page 1, not even on page 2, but on page 77 of google.

What a pitty for him!!

Hope he is fine today.
Let`s see

Today as I started this page, the positions are:
1. Brad
2. Jonathan Leger
3. Mike Filsaime
4. Russel Brunson
5. Patrick
6. James Schranko
7. Peter Drew
8. no name

These are some of the coolest guys on the planet.
And where do I rank?

I really don`t care. Because I am the Coolest Guy On The Planet.

If you like this website about the coolest guy on the planet, then please donate to marysmeals.
Link zu marysmeals Deutschland: Hunger beenden.
Link to: Marys Meals USA

Disclaimer: This site stand in no collaboration with Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow (the most coolest guy on the planet). I never met him, and he even doesn`t know that this site exists. I just want to use my skills to spread the message.

the coolest guy on the planet